Affiliate Programme

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What is an Affiliate Programme?

10CRIC’s Affiliate Programme is a platform where we, at 10CRIC, pay our partners (affiliates) money to promote our brand. It is completely free of charge to become our partner. Once you become one, you can start promoting 10CRIC across your website/blog/social media channels and help your community register at 10CRIC and become our customers. Depending on how many new customers you’ve brought to 10CRIC each month and how much we’ve earned from them, you’ll get a certain amount of money every month.

Terms and Conditions apply –

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How to join:

Becoming a 10CRIC affiliate is really easy – you just need to apply for it and we’ll reply to you in the space of 72 hours (or less). Here’s how the whole process works:

  1. Register on the 10CRIC Affiliate Platform
  2. Wait for the approval (we will inform you via email)
  3. Download 10CRIC promo images from your affiliate account
  4. Post on your sites, groups and chats
  5. Tell your friends to see it, click and register on 10CRIC
  6. Wait for the commission money to be paid to you

How much you can earn:

By promoting 10CRIC you can earn very good money, depending on how many people from your community you bring to us every month. The money you get (your commission) is a percentage of the total amount of real money we have earned from all the new customers you've brought us in the space of a month.

Here are a few examples:


How can we help?

We provide plenty of marketing materials, including images, links and web pages, which will help you promote the 10CRIC brand among your community in the best way possible. You will find everything you need in your Affiliate account, just download and post. All these materials give 10CRIC visibility and exposure – the more people see them, the higher the chances they become our new customers and you get more money!

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